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Hi everyone!

So first of all, I really need to apologize. I know I’ve been posting mostly TBRs for Read-A-Thons lately and I was ready to stop until I found this Read-A-Thon that was clearly made for me. I mean, a Read-A-Thon inspired by Greek mythology? SIGN ME UP RIGHT NOW. I have this huge obsession about Ancient Greece/Rome/Egypt and I could seriously talk about it for hours.

Unfortunately, November is going to be a very busy month for me between NaNoWriMo (my post about it is coming soon!) and all of the assignments I have for my classes but I really want to make it work. Most of the books in my TBR are graphic novels and novellas so I really hope I manage to balance between everything!

This Read-A-Thon is hosted by Louise @ Foxes and Fairytales and takes place during the whole month of November. There’s a whole bingo sheet and here are the challenges associated with the names!
If you want to know more details, here’s the announcement post


Of course, after all this time you know that there are very few chances that I’ll really follow my TBR but here is it anyway! (And yes, just like always, I’ll link the books to their GoodReads pages)

1. ZEUS. Read a book at least 400 pages long. I decided to go with Chainbreaker by Tara Sim, the second book in the Timekeeper series! It’s 488 pages and I’m really, really excited to read it now that I reread Timekeeper!

2. HERA. Read a book about royalty. I decided to reread Hamlet by Shakespeare. I’ve never actually talked about it here, but Hamlet was my favourite book before Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz entered my life. I still love it so much but it’s been so long since I have read it!

3. HEBE. Read a Middle Grade or Young Adult book. This one is the most likely to change since I read mostly Middle Grade and Young Adult books so I have quite a few on my TBR but for now I’m going to go with Autoboyography by Christina Lauren.

4. POSEIDON. Read a book which features the sea – mermaids, pirates, surfers etc. Do you know for how long I’m supposed to read The Abyss Surrounds Us by Emily Skrutskie? Well, let’s hope the month of November will finally be the one where I read it.

5. HERMES. Read a book set in a country not your own. Since I live in France and read mostly english books it’s quite easy for me to choose a book not set in my country. But I decided to stick with the theme and chose Galatea by Madeline Miller, which is set in Ancient Greece!

6. APHRODITE. Read a book with a beautiful cover. SO. MANY. BOOKS. But I’ll go with The Wicked Deep by Shea Ernshaw. I don’t really know what to think about this book but it’s going to be available on October 31st on Riveted so I really want to give it a try!

7. THE HYDRA. Read a book with more than one POV. I started The Nowhere Girls by Amy Reed almost a year ago but put it on hold for some reasons and never actually continued it. I really want to finish it this month!

8. IRIS. Read a book with your favourite colour on the cover or in the title. Orange is my favourite colour and lately, there are quite some books with this colour! I do own a few but I’ll go with Not Your Sidekick by C. B. Lee!

9. ANCIENT GREECE. Read a book set in the past. For this one I chose a french book, Les pêcheurs d’étoiles by Jean Paul Delfino that takes place in Paris in 1925. It’s in my TBR fro quite some time and it’s also been a while since I haven’t read a book in french!

10. HESTIA. Read the first book in a series. I also have a lot of choices for this one but I decided to go with Fire From Heaven by Mary Renault, a trilogy that a friend of mine offered me for my birthday!

11. DIONYSUS. Celebrate this year by reading a 2018 release. Once again… SO. MANY. But I’ll go with Sea of Strangers by Lang Leav, a poetry book that was published on January!

12. ACHILLES AND PATROCLUS. Read a book with an LGBT+ protagonist. Hmmm… is it going to annoy you if I say again SO. MANY? But I’ll go with Fence #10 by C. S. Pacat and Johanna The Mad.


14. HOMER. Read a retelling (of a myth, fairy tale, classic novel etc.). If I’m not wrong Lambs Can Always Become Lions by Charlotte Anne Hamilton is a f/f retelling of Robin Hood!

15. HEPHAESTUS. Read a book with a disabled character. One of the main characters in Run by Kody Keplinger is blind!

16. ARES. Read a book with a compelling antagonist or a written from the villain’s POV. Let’s be honest here and tell me the most famous villain isn’t Moriarty. It’s the first one that comes to my mind and I think about « a compelling antagonist » so of course I decided to read The Final Problem by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle for this challenge.

17. ECHIDNA. Read a book about monsters – dragons, zombies, serial killers etc. So I own a book that’s taking dust on my shelves even though it sounds really good but for some reasons, I never picked it up… yet. This book is The Jumbies by Tracey Baptiste and I don’t really know what it’s about but I KNOW there are monsters in it!

18. HERAKLES. Read a popular book (define ‘popular’ as you wish). I’m once again choosing a book in french and this one is a graphic novel. It’s Les culottées (the first volume) by Pénélope Bagieu. It’s very popular in France and I’ve been hearing about it for so long!

19. GAIA. Read a book which was published at least 5 years ago. For this one I’ll go with either The Penultimate Peril by Lemony Snicket or The End by Lemony Snicket, it really depends if I finish The Penultimate Peril before the Read-A-Thon starts!

20. ARTEMIS. Read a book with an animal on the cover or in the title. A friend of mine offered me for my birthday the book that fits perfectly for this challenge! It’s The Serpent Slayer: And Other Stories of Strong Women by Katrin Hyman Tchana and Trina Schart Hyman and it features an animal in the title AND on the cover so double yes!

21. ATHENA. Read a book that’s not the first in the series. Just to make it easier and also because I’m pretty sure I’ll need to read it as soon as I end the first one, I chose Lions Can Always Learn to Roar by Charlotte Anne Hamilton, the second book of the Until Lambs Become Lions series!

22. PERSEPHONE. Read a book which is less than 200 pages. I’ve been willing to read The Gentleman’s Guide to Getting Lucky by Mackenzi Lee since I received it and I’m pretty sure it’ll be the first book I’ll read once the Read-A-Thon starts!

23. APOLLO. Read a collection of poetry or short stories. I’m surprised at myself because I own a lot of poetry collections! There’s one poetry book that I want to read for a very long time but never actually did it and it’s The Witch Doesn’t Burn in this One by Amanda Lovelace.

24. HADES. Read a book which you got for free (library, from a friend, ARC, Kindle offer etc.). I do own a few books that I got for free! And I’ll go with Saints and Misfits by S. K. Ali, a book I started but never got to finish.

25. DEMETER. Read a book with a nature word in the title – e.g. leaf, wind, flower etc. Once again, I chose a poetry book and it’s The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur.

And that’s it! I know it might have been long for some of you but I have to admit that I’m very excited for this Read-A-Thon, I just can’t wait to participate! What about you? Are you participating to any Read-A-Thons this November?♡





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